Initiating your Platform for Success

International Academy of Sciences helps researchers and doctors from diverse fields initiate congresses that help them evolve, propelling them to the next professional level.

What are Initiated Congresses?

In today’s scientific and medical environments, the fast pace of new discoveries often create the need to survey specific challenges and opportunities. Congresses are an effective platform for doctors, researchers and professionals from diverse fields, who wish to share innovation, discover new ideas, motivate colleagues and staff, and receive acknowledgment from peers. After identifying the need to raise awareness regarding newly discovered capabilities, many science and medical professionals, especially within fields not yet represented by a formal association, decide on the next best move: to initiate a state-of-the-art convention that brings all relevant people and parties together. If we had to define initiated congresses, we'd call them smart evolution platforms.

International Academy of Sciences a Partner for Initiated Congresses

At International Academy of Sciences we are deeply familiar with exciting new beginnings, scientific breakthroughs and shared success. With hundreds of initiated congresses under our belt, we are fully equipped to assist you in initiating a new A-Z industry event, from locating sponsors and event planning to generating interest and securing the desired attendance.

Our initiated Congresses Services include:

  • Brainstorming & evaluation of new ideas
  • Full congress pre-finance, underwrite losses if necessary
  • Location & venue procurement
  • Industry liaison plan
  • Congress marketing plan
  • Cost-effective budget planning & execution
  • Precise congress timetables

Looking to initiate a congress? We'll provide your concept, vision and contacts with powerhouse leverage, creating a successful and profitable event. For more information, please email us.

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