Association Management

Promoting Mutual Interests – It's What We Do Best

International Academy of Sciences provides professional associations with a full range of tailored services, meeting virtually every need with utmost precision.

What is Association Management?

Professional associations have goals and objectives. In order to achieve them, they collaborate with trusted partners that help them with a myriad of tasks such as fundraising, marketing, events planning and production, financial planning, campaigns, program planning and more. It may seem like a lot, but ambitious associations are focused on accomplishment. At the end, it all comes down to effective management – and choosing the best right-hand team to help get the job done.

Association Management: the International Academy of Sciences Approach

At International Academy of Sciences we approach each association like an artist approaches a blank canvas. First we study its nature, needs and activities, in order to formulate an appropriate strategic plan to help the association thrive. The next stage involves bringing great ideas and great people together, in order to form a coherent plan of action. Our goal is to provide the association with new capabilities, strengths and a variety of ideas for improvement and growth. Together, we generate a rich mix of ideas that will ultimately position the association on a higher level, enhancing its relationships and creating unforgettable, high-impact congresses.

Management and Strategy

The next step is smart strategy and effective management. Together, we outline a marketing strategy that identifies the association’s target audience, and defines the ideal ways for promoting its benefits and activities. Thanks to our diverse contacts and accumulated knowledge, we are able to lean on the most advanced techniques and collaborate with professional organizations to create cutting-edge promotional campaigns.

Our Association Management services include:

  • Management & strategy
  • Comprehensive board meeting planning & execution
  • Membership development
  • Fundraising & sponsorship
  • Financial services
  • High-end technology
  • Media services
  • Educational programs

Our partner associations enjoy peace of mind, time efficiency and whatever it takes to meet and exceed objectives. For more information on Association Management, please email us.

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